Thursday, 20 September 2012

Junior Cert Results :)

  This day last week I received my Junior Cert Results :) We did not have to come into school that day until 12:30 and we could leave after we got them ! I remember I arrived at the school at exactly 12:25, and I was so nervous!  The hall suddenly started to fill up , and the teachers then arrived to hand out our results :) we got into our old base classes and then they were finally given to us! I slowly opened that envelop but i was not able to look, so i waited till i got into the car! I was happy enough with them, but I still went out and celebrated with my friends and family!
  It honestly feels like we never got them as its all over and done with and we have moved on with our school work :) I'm glad its done  and we our stress free now and we can enjoy the rest of Ty :)

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