Thursday, 11 October 2012

Fun Walk :)

  Last Week we were busy preparing for our Fun Walk :) My class did the theme of bee's as TY students had to be the colour yellow! Our dance started off with good and bad bee's but as we got into it we all became friends! We all had our yellow tops on with our black stripes. Most of us had wings too and even a bee 'sting '.We did the songs 'Imma be' and 'Here comes the sun' for our dance and  it went really well.
     Every class did a song and dance routine and after it was finished we headed off on our walk in our costumes! We went in through the housing estates and out onto the main road and back to the school again! 
When we arrived back in the school everybody got a drink and got to go home soon afterwards! Everybody had a great time and we found out on Monday that our Class Won , out of the transition year groups :D I was soo happy as my class have never won it before. I would have to say it was one of the better fun walks we ever did  :) 


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