Wednesday, 3 April 2013

SciFest :)

On Friday the 22nd March., six scifest groups from Transition Year got to go to D.I.T in Kevin Street. Aoibhinn and I were won of these and we were delighted. We did our project on 'The Growth Of Grass In Different Soil Samples'. We just arrived and put the poster up and then I accidentally knocked over one of the soil samples. Thank God it was the worst one. As I was cleaning it off the ground a judge came over and started talking to Aoibhinn, and I didn't realize for a moment as I was still picking the soil off the ground. I got it all up anyways, he asked us about the project and a few questions. We were happy the way it went, and we got our second judge not too long afterwards and she seemed more interested in it as in our results Donegal had the most growth of grass and she lives near there so she was delighted with that. We didn't have anymore judges after that so it was a long hour and a half! We got a little bag with a drink, some fruit a packet of crisps and a bar from D.I.T. We got three talks from lecturers in the Collage. One was about Robots, another on Chemistry and one on computer games. They were interesting but very long. After they were over, it was the results. Unfortunately Aoibhinn and I didn't win anything but another group from our school did. Corrie,Lauren and Aisling won a runner up prize in our category. There was 74 projects and only 1 got through to the next round which was a boy from Skerries who did it on coastal erosion of his town. It was a good day out and I enjoyed it :)

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