Thursday, 2 May 2013

Gaisce :)

On Friday the 26th of April , most transition year students set off on their Gaisce adventure journey. We left our school just after three and we set off on our hike nearer to five. We went to the Kippure mountains in County Wicklow. Everyone thought they had a lot of energy until we came to that first hill. It was quite steep and there was a lot of horses in that field also. After hours of walking we finally made it to the top. It was a great feeling to get there as we were all so tired. There was 15 of us staying in one house. We had a great night and had lots of sweets! :) 
 We woke up bright and early the next morning just after eight o'clock. We got ready, made our breakfast and cleaned the house up. We got a bus to a certain point and then we had to set off on another adventure in the mountains. This time it wasn't just one mountain but four! They were all very steep, some worse than others! The ground was soo uneven , mucky and wet. I had water swimming around in my shoes! it was such a horrible feeling. We got to have a rest at each mountain peek and had our lunch on the last one. We made our way down after hours of walking and then had to get changed and ready for home in about 10 minutes or so! Overall it was a great experience and a great accomplishment even though I was in pain and wrecked after it! :)
Top Of The Mountain :D

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