Thursday, 24 January 2013

Mini Company :)

  On Monday, all Ty students had to present their mini company projects in the hall. Two judges came to look at the projects to see if any of them will get through to the competition.  We had to present our book 'Hair Couture'. We had our display set up with everything we did/used. The judges came around to each group and had a look at the display. After that, Each group had to stand up in the middle of the hall and present their company to the judges and the rest of Ty :) Everybody was slightly nervous but we all got through it in the end. When we had finished telling them about our companies, they asked us a few questions about it. 
  The judges took 5-10 minutes to decide if anyone would get through to the competition. Our group got awarded the innovation award for my class. We also got short listed for the competition along with three other groups. We were absolutely delighted as all our hard work had paid off. We will now have to wait and see if we get through :)

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