Friday, 11 January 2013

Young Scientist :)


 Yesterday, all Ty's and 2nd years attended the BT Young Scientist Exhibtion in the Rds In Dublin. We went for the whole day and we had a good time. There was one group from our year that was in it and they did there project on 'the effects of school bags on the shoulder, neck and spine'. I think a few other groups entered but they were the only one's that made it to the exhibition. 

 My friends and I wandered about the Rds looking at the different projects and the experiments. We got some free stuff too and we entered into some competitions with the different organisations. We saw some good projects, including topics such as; lying,mean girls, effects of heels, abilities of hamster and much more. There was many interesting projects there, and I am looking forward to see who wins tonight, as they hold an award ceremony today as it's the last day. We had our lunch in the canteen with loads of different schools and had one last quick look around before we had to meet back with the teachers and the rest of the school! :) I had a great day out and it was really enjoyable! :)


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