Sunday, 24 February 2013

Lollipop Day :)

On Friday all Ty's went into Town for Lollipop Day in aid of the Osophageal Cancer fund. Everybody was in groups of four. I was with Aoibhinn, Shauna and  Katie from my class. We all got a t-shirt and hat in school before we went. When we arrived we were dropped off on the Queys and we walked up to the Powerscourt. We met the organisation and we were given two buckets of money filled with lollipops, badges, stickers and information cards! :) The four of us were based on Westmoreland Street. 
  It was absolutely freezing out, we were walking up and down the street trying to keep warm! We spent our day asking people to 'Please Support Lollipop Day In Aid of the Osophageal Cancer Fund'. We found singing 'Lollipop Lollipop' really helped as people were drawn over and then donated. We sold a good bit. Most people just donated, not wanting any item for it. 
   I really enjoyed selling lollipops, as it is for a good cause and I hope that we raised enough money to make a difference to people suffering from this disease. The day would've been better if it wasn't as cold. We were numb from the cold but overall it was a great day  :)

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