Sunday, 10 March 2013

Sci-Fest :)

 Last Friday, we had our sci-fest competition. It was held in our school hall where each group set up their stall with the project they have been doing since September. I was with Aoibhinn and we did 'The growth of grass in different soil samples'. We were happy the way it turned out and our teachers thought it was very interesting and well presented. We set up our stall and the judges then arrived. It was nerve wracking while waiting for the judge to get to you but then another judge arrived and came straight over to us, which we were not expecting. He asked us about our project and we explained it to him and showed him the different grass samples we grew. He tricked us out on a question or two but overall it was grand. 
  Two of the judges were unable to attend so two of our male science teachers stepped in. One of our teachers judged it also. He seemed to be interested in it and we knew the answers to the questions he asked, so it went very well for us. 2nd and 3rd years came down to view the projects we had done. Not many students came over to us as they didn't seem interested.
 At the end of the day the results was announced by one of our teachers. She said that ten groups got through out of the thirty three projects. Unfortunately we didn't get through. It was disappointing as we put alot of work into it. Our teachers were surprised that we didn't get through. Overall it was a good day and we all got a free wristband, a fuzzy friend and a pen from Scifest :)

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