Monday, 10 December 2012

Fashion Show :)

On Monday we had our Junk Kouture Fashion Show, and it was a great success! Each group had one model and they each had their moment to shine on the'cat walk'. It was great seeing other people's dresses as you never got the chance to before. I have to say some of the ideas were brilliant. Katie modeled our dress.It turned out slightly too big for her but she was able to hold it up !!! We made our dress out of bottle caps and straws! There was other great ideas too like....
 Cd's,  wires, garden items, lights, magazines and tea bags! 

 Two groups won out of each class. Unfortunately we did not win but the two groups that won it from my class, deserved it as I thought their dress looked the best. The two groups that won got a tin of sweets for it. 
I thought all the dresses came out really well in the end as so much effort was put into them. My group and I have decided that we are going to change the bottom half of our skirt and enter it into the Official Junk Kouture Competition! :)

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