Thursday, 13 December 2012

Workshops :)

Yesterday we had three different workshops on charities as we had no work experience.  I was in group two and our day started off with a talk from Niamh from Trócaire. She talked to us about the millennium development goals. I thought this was very good as we had been learning about the different goals in our religion class. We also did some group work with girls that aren't in our base class and it was a great opportunity to get to know others. We arranged the different goals from most to least important. It was great learning about what Trócaire does to help other countries.

Trocaire Website


After break we had a talk from Liam. He was from Concern. We mostly did group work and we did a lot of debating on little topics. He gave us an insight to what he does and I really enjoyed his workshop. I thought that the concern workshop was the best out of the three as we got to voice our opinions.


After Lunch we had our last workshop on 'Self Help Africa' by Patsy. We learnt that giving money is not the solution to end world poverty. He kept telling us that we should be buying fair trade products as it helps the people in the third world even though they are more expensive. He told us about buying fair trade, chocolate, tea and other merchandise. Patsy also told us about a challenge group of Ty students from Wicklow did. They went without electricity for a week and they had certain rules to follow and they succeeded in it.

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