Monday, 10 December 2012

Junk Kouture :)

 We have been working on our Junk Couture project which is involving us to make a dress out of recyclable products. Katie, Shauna and I are in a group together and we our making our dress out of bottle caps and straws. We have been doing this since September and we finally finished it yesterday. I am glad to have it done as it became very stressful at times. It wasn't what we were hoping for but it'll do.   

We made the bodice out of a bin bag fall of bottle caps in a diagnol pattern and we chicken wired and paper machéd the skirt and sewed straws on top. We made the shoes out of straws and our hat out of bottle caps. We just have to sew them all together this Friday during our double class of art. We are then having the fashion show on Tuesday in which all Ty groups show off their recyclable dresses. It should be a good day and we'll find out who wins! :)

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