Sunday, 10 March 2013

County Finals :)

 On Monday, Hair Couture and Williams Words travelled to the Killashee House Hotel in Naas, Co.Kildare , where we took part in the County finals of the student enterprise awards. The hotel was huge and very posh. We arrived into the room and we set up our stall. We had two big posters professionally printed and a back drop with smaller pictures on it. We had our books displayed on the table along with book stands and a video demonstration of doing hairstyles. We also had two pink balloons with our company name on it.
We all dressed in black with t shirts that I got printed which had our name on the front and 'Hair Couture' written on the back in light pink to match out book. We looked very well as we were dressed the same. That morning Sarah one of the members of the group did my hair, she did a bow braid. It looked really nice and everyone thought it looked brilliant. When we had finished setting up we went around the different stalls to see what everybody else's Mini Company was about, and then went outside to practise our presentation.   Each group had to get up on the stage and present a PowerPoint presentation on their Company Idea, we were sixth to present and it went very well. Most of the day consisted of listening to the other presentations. We also got lunch which was really nice which kept us full and happy for the day :) Our parents the arrived at about 4:30 for the award ceremony. 
Unfortunately we didn't get anything for our Idea but Williams Words (another Mini Company from our school) got an award for their display. The idea that won was called 'Click and Switch' which was some kind of pole that sticks to your car when you brake down so it holds your flash light for you. They are now gone through to the National Finals.
 It was a great experience being there, even though we didn't win anything, it was great to get that far :)

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