Sunday, 10 March 2013

Trinity :)

On Thursday all Ty's went to Trinity Collage to have a talk on Science Technology. When we arrived we got into groups of four where we sat down at a table with a woman that was experienced in this department. I was with Katie, Jenny and Emma. They called the exercise 'Speed Dating' as we only had four minutes to listen to the woman about what she does and any questions we had she answered them. It was very interesting to hear what she does, but I couldn't see myself working in a lab. We then got a free bag with sandwiches, popcorn and a apple inside. You could also take water, orange juice, tea or coffee. We then went into a room where two women that were graduates in science technology gave a talk on their experiences in this area. It was very interesting but I don't see myself doing it, but it was great learning about it :)

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